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Ted Nugent: Hunting “More of a Sport” Than Baseball

Why is this even a thing?

Rock musician and avid hunter Ted Nugent was asked recently whether or not he thought hunting was still popular and, well, "The Motor City Madman" responded almost how you would expect.

"No question it's growing.  It's very, very challenging, requiring discipline and stealth, hand eye coordination," Nugent responded.  "Deer Hunting is the ultimate sport, much more of a sport than football or baseball. In football and baseball you can strike out or miss a catch, if you miss in deer hunting you buy a chicken for dinner."

Hold on now, Nuge…more of a sport than football and baseball? 

Granted, I've never hunted, so I wouldn't know firsthand, but I've gotta think that even deer murderer and future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones would disagree with Nugent on this one, right?

(h/t @rrepoz)