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The Obligatory John Axford Oscars Re-Cap

While most of the internet was busy re-tweeting Ellen DeGeneres‘ picture of the cool kids’ lunch table, some of us were following John Axford’s Academy Award picks.

For the fourth time in as many years, the new closer for the Cleveland Indians has predicted the winners…and much like his breakout 2011 season for the Milwaukee Brewers, dude has had some decent success.

In 2011, he correctly named 11 of 13 winners.  The next year, he followed it up with 11 of 15.  Last year, however, the righty outdid himself…predicting 14 of 15 Academy Award winners.

Then, on Sunday night, Axford upped the ante…predicting 18 categories.  And how’d he do?


Who needs Nate Silver?

Indians fans can only pray Axford’s as successful this upcoming season.  Wow.