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Top Ten Terrible Airbrush Jobs

Free-agent blog The Hall of Very Good has signed with Bloguin. Due to the late date of the transaction, Topps will have to airbrush the Bloguin logo onto HOVG’s cap for it’s next Traded/Update set.

Hopefully it comes out better than these ten terrible airbrush jobs of the past.

1971 Topps Dick Williams

Random Fact:  Before Williams became a Hall of Fame manager, he successfully appeared on the television quiz shows The Match Game and the original Hollywood Squares.

1974 Topps Traded Ross Grimsley

Random Fact: Grimsley's likeness is immortalized as the logo for some website.

Ross Grimsley 1974 Topps Traded  baseball Card

1975 Topps Billy Grabarkewitz

Random Fact:  In 1970, Brabarkewitz set the Los Angeles Dodgers' team record with 148 strikeouts. That dubious honor would last until 2008.


1976 Topps Traded Tom House

Random Fact:  In 1974, as a member of the Atlanta Braves, House caught Hank Aaron's record-setting 715th home run while in the bullpen.

1977 Topps Rick Jones

Random Fact:  Based on his 1977 Topps card, Jones, seemingly, had some pretty nice hair.

1978 Topps Greg Minton

Random Fact:  Minton went three full seasons (269 innings) without allowing a home run until John Stearns homered against him on May 2, 1982. This still is the longest such streak in the post-1920 live-ball era.

#32: Greg MintonCard: 1978 ToppsMustache Type: Beginning stages of Genghis Khan w/ hint of Chevron Fact: Well-known for his fun-loving behavior, Minton decided to go tubing completely naked before a game with the minor league Phoenix Giants, resulting in terrible sunburn. When he arrived at the ballpark that night, manager Rocky Bridges commented that Minton’s body had more craters than the moon. Soon, Minton was nicknamed “Moon Man” by teammates. Further shenanigans include stealing the team bus and flooding a minor league ballpark. The former a fun prank, the latter a possible felony. In addition to being crazy, Minton pitched three full seasons (269 1/3 innings) without allowing a home run — which remains the longest such streak in the live-ball era. Minton also gave up Pete Rose’s final big league hit — #4,256.

1981 Topps Gary Woods

Random Fact:  In 1982, Woods played in 117 error-free games for the Chicago Cubs.

1981 Topps #172 Gary Woods Front

1983 Topps John Denny

Random Fact:  In 1983, Denny won both the National League Cy Young Award and Comeback Player of the Year.

1987 Topps Mike Laga

Random Fact:  According to some, Laga is the only player ever to hit a foul ball out of Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

1987 Topps Mike Laga

1988 Topps Dave LaPoint

Random Fact:  During his 12-year career, LaPoint pitched for nine different big league teams.

What card did we miss…which one was the worst?  Let us know in the comments below!  And as always you can follow Bo over at his site Baseball Cards Come to Life.