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Trump Hires Relative of Ty Cobb

From beating up a handicapped fan to his reputation as a virulent racist, Ty Cobb was, by all accounts, a piece of garbage.

So it makes perfect sense he is now connected to Donald Trump.

Friday, it was announced, Trump brought in veteran Washington lawyer Ty Cobb (yes…a distant cousin of baseball’s Ty Cobb) to oversee the White House’s handling of the investigations surrounding those pesky rumors of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

It’s not crazy to think that Trump (a noted baseball fan and onetime future Major Leaguer?) might actually think Cobb is THE Ty Cobb, right? This is the same dude who seemingly forgot that Frederick Douglass (who died in 1895) was alive.

Now…a fun fact.

Baseball’s Ty Cobb isn’t the only Cobb that is a Hall of Famer. Lawyer Ty Cobb was inducted into the Ethisphere Hall of Fame, which recognizes those who have helped to “advance corporate ethics and compliance”.