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VIDEO: Aaron Judge’s Five Longest Home Runs of 2017

If Thursday night’s MVP voting taught us anything it’s this…chicks don’t ONLY dig the long ball.

With 27 of 30 first-place votes, Houston’s Jose Altuve bested Aaron Judge 405 points to 279. But, while the Astros took home the World Series championship, the New York Yankees rookie was the story of 2017.

The reason? Those aforementioned long balls.

Dude hit a ton of them.

According to Hit Tracker Online, Judge’s American League-leading 52 bombs traveled nearly 22,000 feet. That’s more than four miles. Two of Linden High School’s flirtiest senior’s home runs ranked among the four longest of the 2017 regular season.

Here are the five longest home runs hit in the regular season by Aaron Judge.

495 feet – June 11 against Baltimore 

 484 feet – September 30 against Toronto

469 feet – September 3 against Boston

469 feet – September 22 against Toronto

463 feet – September 10 against Texas

Now…as cool as all those home runs are (and they are pretty remarkable), almost nothing could ever compare to Judge’s performance at the 2017 Home Run Derby.