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Vin Scully Returning for 65th Season

Hey, baseball fans…those sounds you hear echoing through Chavez Ravine are the dulcet tones of one Vin Scully announcing he'll be returning next season for his 65th season in the Los Angeles Dodgers broadcast booth.

"It has been such an exciting, enjoyable, wonderful season — the big crowds in the ballpark, everybody is talking about the ballclub, and I really respect, admire and love the management — so everything just fell into place," the 85-year-old said.  "I really still enjoy it immensely. My health is good, thank God. So why not? And my wife said, 'Why not?' as well."

Scully has been in the broadcast since 1950.  The Dodgers were still in Brooklyn, Jackie Robinson was coming off his National League MVP-winning season and Dodgers legend Sandy Koufax was just 14 years old.

"The first time my mother and father ever saw me on television, they had to go to a restaurant," Scully said, stressing that, in 1950…no one on his block had television.

Since then, the Hall of Famer has seen his fair share of history from the broadcast booth.

Among the more memorable…Don Larsen's perfect game during the 1956 World Series, Hank Aaron's record-setting 715th home run, Bill Buckner's muffed grounder during the 1986 World Series and, of course, Kirk Gibson's game winner during the 1988 World Series.

The team is expected to make Scully's return official on Friday.