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We Still Can’t Get Enough of Manny Ramirez

Anyone else find it interesting that even though Manny Ramirez couldn't find work here in the States, anytime the beleaguered former big leaguer does anything…we pay attention?

The 12-time Major League All-Star, and current Chinese Professional Baseball League home run leader (sure, he has only five, but still), dressed up as the Incredible Hulk during a recent road trip for his current team, the EDA Rhinos…and it's all the internets could talk about.

I guess that's how you know you're a truly superstar.

And speaking of being a superstar.  Through his first 25 games, Ramirez is hitting at about where he was during his prime, carrying a .347 batting average, those five homers and 26 RBI.

I guess this is where the tired "Manny Being Manny" cliche would go.