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Yankees Skipper Doesn’t Support Goose Gossage

Not long after Goose Gossage went all-in on Jose Bautista’s bat flips and Bryce Harper’s respect for the game, he apologized.


Turns out, he’s just an self-proclaimed “old school guy, man”…let’s the fella some slack.

So, everything is cool, right? Wrong.

Wednesday, the Hall of Famer, who is currently serving as a special instructor for the New York Yankees followed up his previous tirade with some more comments Wednesday…this time, going after instant relay and, again, today’s players.

“It’s a shame, it breaks my heart to see the direction this game is going. What, do we want a bunch of Cam Newtons running around?” Gossage questioned. “I was taught a way to act, and that hasn’t changed in 100 years. And all of a sudden in the last 15 you can do anything you want to do.’’

Ugh. But that wasn’t all.

“I’ve had a lot of people call me and support me,’’ Gossage said. “I have not heard one negative thing on my phone.”

One guy who isn’t a fan?  Joe Girardi.

The Yankees skipper went all First Amendment following Gossage’s latest outburst.

“I heard a great comment the other day,” Girardi told the New York Post. “There’s freedom of speech in our country, but that doesn’t always mean there’s not freedom [from] consequences. Sometimes people want to say there’s freedom of speech, but sometimes you’re going to be judged on what you say. That’s part of life.”

Makes sense to me.

While nothing has been made public as to whether or not the Yankees have disciplined their longtime closer, one thing is sure…Gossage wasn’t with the team Wednesday as they took on the Toronto Blue Jays.

The plot thickens.