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And I’m freeeeee, freeeeee signing

This off seasons cast of free agents wasn’t as deep as years past but I am pretty confident with the moves the Coyotes have made. I am not quite so confident with Philly. Jagr? I was using the #fireholmgren hash tag all over twitter when I read that…

I think the players we signed are pretty much slight upgrades from the ones we lost. 

The biggest signing was that of goalie Mike Smith, which I will cover more in the next entry, “As the Goalies Turn (Part III). hehe I am so cruel, aren’t I?

Next we signed LW Raffi Torres (previously of Vancouver). He was one of those guys I always hated playing against because of being such a gritty, tough player. He is what we need, someone to patrol the other teams and look out for guys like Turris. And he brings playoff experience. He’s not a huge goal scorer but every little bit counts. It looks like when he plays a full season, he averages about 30 points.

Next up was C Boyd Gordon (formerly of the Caps). Great pickup for faceoffs! He can replace Fidler in that area. And of course he was part of the Caps “female fans page“. HAHAHAHAHA Which produced this loverly glamour shot:

(taken from said Caps female fan site) Wait… is he wearing mascara and/or eyeliner??

Ok, back to being serious. hahahahaah wait, I still have the giggles. Let me get some control, k?

Ok ok ok… 

Vrbata starts the day off by “wanting to test the market”. My first thought was, been there, done that. Do you remember that outcome? You got greedy, realized the grass isn’t green on the other side/money doesnt buy you happiness etc etc and came crawling back. Then a few hours after “testing the market” you sign with Phoenix. Streaky bastard. Since you are still here, please only use your one shoot out move. You change it up and don’t score and for some reason goalies haven’t really figured your move out yet.

And that is all we have for today. I can see Maloney getting another D-man. There is talk of adding another center. I am down for that. Do we accquire these players by free agency or trade? I think trade. There are a wealth more options available that way, at least more quality. 

Ok, I am out. I hope you have enjoyed the Boyd glamour shot. buahahahahaha