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Are we there yet?

The ownership drama may soon be over for us Coyotes fans. It has been a long, roller coaster of a ride & quite frankly I am at the point I just want it over with. We should know more next week it seems. I believe twitter reports said the “mysterious” bidder will submit on Monday. 

There are two bids that the NHL will be deciding between. One is Reinsdorf (yet again. Is this the 3rd time he’s been involved in ownership talks?). The other is some sort of West Coast Hockey Executive or something like that, per twitter rumors. 

Sounds like both will have the money & a 7 year out clause, which is understandable. Quite frankly, if you can’t get a team on the right track in 7 years (without being a crap owner), then there is a problem. So, I will rejoice that I have at least 7 more years to enjoy my team. If year 8 means they go elsewhere, then I will worry about it at that time. 

There may be a partial season ticket plan in my near future. Will need to wait until the end of the month & some discussion before everything is settled. I am definitely hitting up the home opener (Jets, booooooo) and the Flyers game. Beyond that, I have no clue.

And I am also going to try to keep up with this blog more come October. I have 2 classes left (18 weeks) until my degree is done. I will definitely have more time to devote to the blog come mid-December.

I am already getting so excited for the season. I went to an open house and saw a new fan purchase her first season ticket package. This is why I love hockey. I love the joy it brings to people & introducing people to the game. Once they see it, they are hooked.