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Final UFAs

Here is the last of the Coyotes UFAs:

  • Tim Kennedy
  • Brett Hextall
  • Andy Miele
  • Brandon Yip
  • Cade Fairchild
  • John Mitchell

These players mostly played in the AHL. Tim Kennedy played about half the year in the AHL and the other half in NHL. I really can’t comment too much on these players as I don’t have the time to follow every player in every league. I have a real job and a life outside of this blog. 😉

I did like what I saw from Tim Kennedy so I wouldn’t mind extending him an offer.

I will say I think Andy Miele needs to think about leaving the Coyotes system. He will most likely never play in the NHL for the Coyotes. They have given him chances but he never sticks around for long. Don’t get me wrong, I like the kid. He is good but he is small and he can’t win faceoffs in the NHL. He may have a better chance at making the NHL by going elsewhere. Or he could just be a career AHLer, nothing wrong with that. I just would like to see him succeed.

Next weekend is the draft. Hopefully Monday I can write a recap of all that happened with the Coyotes. There is always the chance of a trade. We may see a few trades right before free agency day on the first. I am on vacation that day so maybe you will get a bonus column!