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Goodbye Fridge, Hello Crazy Eyes.

Well, the Coyotes traded Hale and Fridge for Vrbata. Really not sure how I feel about this trade. It really could go either way with Vrbata. He did have a career year with us (in which he was hoping to secure a big pay day) but he is streaky and he just left Tampa hanging last year. I understand his wife was having a difficult pregnancy but from what I understand, he just left without talking to anyone in the Tampa organization. Not cool dude, not cool.

I don’t trust Vrbata fully. I thought I did but I had a picture with him and he had the crazy eyes… you can never trust someone with crazy eyes. Its like law or something. 🙂

I am not too upset that Hale is gone. He wasn’t a player that we really needed. He didn’t do much to help out our blue line. He tried hard but he’s just not that good of a player.

Fridge on the other hand is going to be missed. He was the last of the true tough guys (minus Doan of course) left on the Coyotes. Yes, he wasn’t much of a fighter but he would hit. You mess with him or anyone else on his teams and you should expect to meet the boards. So Fridgy… you will be missed. We loved your ability to hit, your missing front teeth and your ability to lighten the mood at practices.

In other news, DMo has finally signed with the Bruins. I wish him luck but am glad we didn’t sign him, especially at 3.3 mil. I love DMo but I don’t think he’s worth that much. He hasn’t been the same since Ballard was traded. He had one great year in Phoenix and then his BFF on the blueline was traded and it went downhill from there.