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New Series

I was looking for content ideas for the blog. I don’t want to do game summaries. I want to do something different, like with the player profiles. I get a kick out of some of the things I read on twitter about the Coyotes so I thought maybe you would enjoy it too. I haven’t come up with a name for this series yet. Any ideas?

This is the good, the bad, the ugly and the just plain ridiculous – can you guess which is which – of the twitter hashtags #coyotes and #yotes for the past week or so.

azcentral – sports ‏ @azcsports
Our suggestion for when a meteor comes toward Earth: Put Mike Smith in front of it. #Coyotes

brian degnan ‏ @degs09
@Commish_Gary ever think of putting the #coyotes in #mexicocity? never put anything past you as you are off your rocker!

Alan Ho ‏ @HoNewWay
#NHL teams that need to rebuild & reshape their team: #Flames,#Coyotes, #BlueJackets, #Panthers & m/b #Canadiens. Get Better/Younger player

Ryan Bains ‏ @ryan_bains
Just saw #Coyotes goalie Mike Smith’s quote on #Canucks Mason Raymond’s spin-a-rama move – “It seemed like he was turning a school bus” Haha

Eric Sorenson ‏ @Eric_Pros2Preps
Radim Vrbata from hottest team in #NHL (@phoenixcoyotes) joins@bradcesmat @XTRA910 @ 1:35 to talk about big win over@VanCanucks. #Coyotes

Mike Cochrane ‏ @mikecochranewpg
Buyer?? “@SenJohnMcCain: Big #Coyotes win last night vs best team in hockey #Canucks to make them stellar 11-0-1 for the month of February”

eric osterberg ‏ @ericosterberg
@SenJohnMcCain that’s a great win by the #coyotes last night…too bad they’ll be in #Quebec this time next year! #NHL

Aaron ‏ @bernsboogie
What do you call many dejected #Canucks fans leaving Jobing.comarena after 2-1 loss to the #Coyotes ? Quiet Riot #WakaWakaWaka

Jets Hockey Forum ‏ @NHLWinnipeg
Who needs libraries! RT @LisaHalverstadt #Glendale budget talks turn testy over possible library cuts, #Coyotes debt. bit.ly/xH9vQk

Cory Wray ‏ @CoryTycoles16
Before you clowns start bashing our city. PS. Can’t wait to see#Quebeccity gets the #coyotes! #atl #phx #nhl #gojetsgo #Jetsnation
NHLJets2.0 ‏ @NHLJets2point0
@LisaHalverstadt is my regular fix for civic debt, library closures and hockey disasters. Love my daily soap opera fix! #coyotes

T Mac in YYC ‏ @tmac69_in_yyc
Who is the least penalized team in the nhl? Who owns Phoenix…just sayin…the fix is in #coyotes #flames @BizNasty2point0@coyoteshockey

Jason ‏ @AndroidSummer
I should rephrase my statement: “All five of the Phoenix Coyotes fans are online tonight” #Yotes #Flames #CheekyCheapShot

Jason ‏ @AndroidSummer
You know the #yotes are the league’s team so naturally the league#NHL are going to do anything to help them out. #Flames

Jason ‏ @AndroidSummer
league takes over the #Yotes and they’re leading the pacific div.#noconspiracythere

Alan Sutliff ‏ @asutliff
@ShinboSlice as much as you irritate @SeattleTbirds fans, congratulations! Now maybe we can move #coyotes to #seattleNHL

Heather Frackiewicz ‏ @Lovebugsphoto
If #glendale wants to be a destination, libraries aren’t the way. Get rid of the #coyotes and I won’t have reason to spend a cent there.

The Canuck Fan ‏ @253CanuckFan
@JaneBlaze_ So you caretrolled for the 14 #Yotes fans? Lord I hate the #Leafs even more. Get a 2nd team, MTA>

The Canuck Fan ‏ @253CanuckFan
@JaneBlaze_ When 45 people came out to the “Save the #Yotes” rally, that pretty much showed me how little i should care for PHX.

*Disclosure: These tweets have been copied directly from Twitter. Any misspellings or grammatical errors on part of the tweeter. 🙂

If you see any tweets that you think would go well in this series, please feel free to send them to me. I hope to collect these and post each week. If we ever get an owner maybe the tweets will stop and I will have to think of something else to do. One can only dream. 

If you see any way to refine this series please let me know. I am open to exploring other options involving twitter and the Coyotes. Maybe a weekly roundup of players tweets?