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Sick of it all…

The other day I purchased my playoff tickets AND upgraded to a full season ticket holder (again). Why? Because this team is going to stay here. This is where they belong and where their fans are. 

I love this from this opinion piece:
Where were the fans? The announced crowd of 14,446 more than aptly illustrates why it’s time for the league to get out of the desert. Talk about wasting an opportunity to capitalize on a hardworking team that could be headed for its third straight playoff berth. Not blaming the fans who have endured three years of uncertainty with the league owning the team, but it’s time to move on, my friend, time to move on.

Not blaming the fans? By saying the attendance “aptly illustrates” why that sure sounds like you are blaming the fans. Sure you go on to say a little bit about the uncertainty of ownership but some how we are supposed to just suck it up and keep spending our hard earned money on something that has gone nowhere the past 5+ years or so? What would you do? Would you keep pouring in more and more money when you haven’t gotten a raise in four or more years?

Yes, I am going back farther than the bankruptcy because I was here for the Moyes/Gretzky/FOG era. I saw how they cheapened the team and gave huge contracts to washed up d-men *cough Jovo cough*, how he took fans money and used it to prop up his other business. The zero advertising that happened. I spoke with dozens of ex-coyotes season ticket holders at RoadRunner games who stopped going to games because of how Moyes was handling the team. I saw all of it. Where were you when that was going on? How come the media didn’t give a rats ass as Moyes and Gretzky bumbled the team to such a dire status and bankruptcy court? No one cared about our attendance or our play until that fateful day. 

How come no one complains about the attendance in other arenas? I watch more than just Coyotes games and have seen many empty arenas. One article came out about how the league is propping up a few other teams. One. Yet everyone villainizes the Coyotes and the fans. Grow up. Get over it and move one. The team left Winnipeg years ago. They aren’t going back. We, the fans, didn’t move the team here. Stop blaming us. Stop acting like immature idiots hiding behind your computer screen. Go cheer for your own hockey teams. Watch the race to the Stanley Cup. We have the greatest game on Earth and you waste your time trying to “hurt” Coyotes fans. Enough is enough.

But wait… I know, there are no fans in the desert. Youth hockey does not exist except if I wear anything hockey related I get people asking if I’m a hockey fan and telling me that their kid plays at fill-in-the-blank ice or club/league. Yet according to the media and other fans, we have no ice here. That’s why there haven’t been new ice rinks built in the last few years and older rinks are expanding. Oh, and hockey is Canada’s game? Ok, go tell that to a group of Flyers or Rangers fans or someone in Detroit or Minnesota. See what they have to say about that. It’s ok to say to someone in Phoenix because we don’t know anything about hockey or really care, right? We aren’t real fans. Most of us have never seen snow or ice before. We’ve never played any kind of hockey. We never watched a lick of hockey before the Coyotes moved here. That’s right.

And by the way, I was at that game last night that Burnside is complaining about the attendance. The crowd was loud and into the game. There were loud chants of “Let’s Go Coyotes” all game long. There was standing when the guys looked like they might score. Everyone was on the edge of their seat when Vrby got his second goal and Whitney got to 999 points. The ENTIRE arena knew he was at 999. We all wanted to see the 1,000th point and the Vrby hat trick. But yah, we are terrible fans and should burn in hell. I think it was the loudest game I have been to this season, except maybe the home opener. It’s games like that when I am shown just why I have loved hockey for over half my life. Yup, that’s right. I have loved hockey for quite some time. FAR before I even lived in Phoenix. I’ve played hockey in gym class. I skated on frozen creeks, school yard rinks as a child. I was at all my high school teams games. But nope, I know nothing about hockey and do not deserve a team.

Ok, I have said my piece. I took a few pictures with my cell phone last night. If any of them look ok, I will post those later. I took a few of the DMo thousand game ceremony and a few of the play.