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Bron for 12000
Lebron Freakin' JamesCavs 101, Raps 83

Lebron James became the youngest player to score 12,000 as the Cavs destroyed the Raptors 101-83.

The Raptors had to focus on the task at hand last night,facing the Cavs who were undefeated at home. There had been a big distraction with the Raptors, as Chris Bosh’s name had recently been in rumors flying all over the internet about Bosh choosing to not return to Toronto according to ESPN analyst, Stephen A. Smith.

The Raptors made another lineup adjustment where Jermaine O’Neal got the start at forward, Jamario Moon moved to the bench and Bargnani remained the starting centre.

Lebron and the Cavs got it started early. In the first four minutes, Lebron slammed it home twice as the Cavs got to a quick 14-4 lead. Lebron James went 6-6 and had 16 points within the first eight minutes of the first. As far as the Raps…Andrea Bargnani’s first three attempt? Airball.

As Lebron got it going, the rest of the team followed. Boobie Gibson and Mo Williams hit back to back threes to get up 32-14. And then, Boobie Gibson hit another three.

Jamario Moon’s jumper? Airball. I mean, are the Raptors this bad? It’s one thing to lose games and it’s another thing when they’re chucking up airballs. The Cavs nailed unconstested shots as the Raptors’ D stunk. And their offense stunk as well in the first. The Raps finished the first quarter missing 7 straight shots. After one quarter, the Cavs led 37-15. Ugh.

The Raps played a bit better in the second outscoring the Cavs in the second 25-22 and the Cavs had a 19 point lead at the half. The Cavs shot 52% from the floor vs. the Raptors’ 38%. For a team that is normally a good three point shooting team, the Raptors only hit one three in the first half.  With the three bigs in O’Neal, Bosh & Bargnani there to defend the middle, the Raptors were still outscored 22-12 in the paint.

In the third quarter, the Raptors continued their poor shooting until Joey Graham and Jermaine O’Neal helped make a run in the third. The Raptors defense had improved dramatically leading to better offensive opportunites. Joey Graham hit a jumper to make it a 9 point game and then J.O. hit the jumper to make it an 8 point game down 74-66. The Raptors outscored the Cavs 26-14 in the third quarter.

Chris Bosh had a stellar game leading to the fourth. J.O. and Bosh were getting it done inside against Anderson Varajeo. Bosh took it to Varajeo, got the foul, hit 1/2 free throws to get it within 7 points. As they were making the run, Bosh tried to slam it home, only to get it swatted by Lebron. Midway through the fourth, Lebron hit his 12,000th point to become the youngest player to achieve this feat. The wheels just fell off at that point, Cleveland would just drive the ball and kick it out to the three point shooter. Cleveland hit 11 threes against the Raptors’ lone three to beat the Raps 101-83.

Key Notes:
Lebron James had 33 pts, 7 rebounds and 4 assists
Daniel “Boobie” Gibson had 18 off of the bench with 4 threes
Chris Bosh had 29 pts to lead the Raps
J.O. & Bargnani combined for 30 pts & 18 boards

First, Lebron, now Kobe, as the Raptors play the Lakers on Wednesday night.