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Finally the Swirsk has returned to Toronto….

Tonight the Raps face off against the 16-22 Chicago Bulls but this also means the return of The Swirsk, Chuck Swirsky, former Raps announcer.

After having Chuck as the announcer of the Raps for so many years, it just seems weird of having the new guy in Matt Devlin in there. Don’t get me wrong Matt Devlin is a great announcer but I was just a fan of the originality that Chuck had brought. Be it “Another MP3 Download” (for a Morris Peterson three) or “The Red Rocket” (for former Raptor Matt Bonner) it just made the Raps broadcast that more enjoyable to watch. I know Devlin doing his best for the nicknames but the “Rockin’ Roko” or “Will the Thrill” nicknames just doesn’t cut it. Anyhow, it will be nice to see Swirsk back in Toronto.

Welcome back, Swirsk.

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