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Link Love Locked Down – 03/29/09
(Photo Credit: Yardbarker.com)
@ Yardbarker: Greg Oden and Ronald MacDonald chillin’ in VanCity.
@ Raptors Republic: Douby who else thinks that BC paged his assistant asking him to pick up a doobie on the way back to the office and all of a sudden we have an extra guard on our team?”

@ Basketbawful:  I was live-blogging the Bulls-Pistons game and couldn’t help but notice fans booing Kirk Hinrich after missing a free throw.  Did the Bulls lose?  No.  Did the fans not get their free Big Mac?  Yes.  Basketbawful did a funny piece on these Bulls promos

@ TWolves Blog:  “The Custodian” Brian Cardinal has a Twitter account.  And before the Wolves game against the Cavs, his tweet: Hope I’m not a witness tonight…

@ The No-Look Pass:  The crew at The No-Look Pass interview former Raptor, Tracy Murray

@ Pete Marasmitch:The Ultimate Quincy Douby Scouting report.  My favorite part: “I believe the back of his Escalade says UNDOUBYLIEVABLE.”

@ Busta Bucket:  Busta Bucket has translated the latest entry on Rudy Fernandez’s blog where he writes about his 5 pts in 3 seconds.  If you haven’t seen this highlight yet, here it is: