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Stephen A. Smith stands by his words

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has updated his blog again this morning and he’s not budging.

Stephen is standing by what he first reported on Sunday and re-stated on his blog on Monday, which was Chris Bosh has privately told Toronto Raptors management he is not interested in remaining with the team beyond his current contract:


On Monday after Raptors practice, both Chris Bosh and Bryan Colangelo vehemenently denied the reports.

I don’t like to buy into hype very often because there’s usually no substance to the story (although they can definitely make an intriguing or shocking headline), but the fact that if Chris Bosh left it would be the biggest Raptors story since Vince Carter getting a new zip code, I only feel it’s right to present all sides of the story now, and then we can all see where the chips will land down the road…