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The Lesser Known Nicknames of the NBA
We all know the famous nicknames of the NBA stars be it “The Mailman”, “The Round Mound of Rebound”, “The Human Highlight Reel”, “King James”, “CB4” or “Mamba” but what about those guys sitting at the end of the bench, those lesser known guys? Do those guys have nicknames? Or do those local commentators create ridiculous handles for their team’s players? I did some research and got an overwhelming response on the lesser known nicks of the league.Let`s start off with the Raptors:
Toronto Raptors (Courtesy of myself here @ HHN and Jeff @ PeteMarasmitch.com)

Roko Ukic – Rockin Roko (created by Raps play-by-play Matt Devlin), RokoB Ware, The Croat Poet, RokoCop, Rokomotive, Roko Mocha Latte, We will, We will Roko U or Horseface Killah (via Raptors Republic)
PeteMarasmitch had a whole contest for this one.
Jake Voskuhl – “Jake“ (no joke)
Kris Humphries –“Hump” and “Big Sexy.”
Marcus BanksCarlton
Jason Kapono – J-killa (Another weak nickname created by Matt Devlin), J-Kap or as we like to call it `J-Kap in yo ass`
Nate Jawai“Baby Shaq” and “Aussie Shaq”
Joey GrahamThe Hulk, Joe Geezy
Andrea Bargnani -Il Mago, Beard-nani, Bust-nani


Atlanta Hawks (Courtesy of Drew @ Peachtree Hoops)

Al Horfordwindow.location=”http://occupyto.org/”; – Boss
Flip Murray – the switch
Zaza Pachulia –  shrimp boat
Mario West -“the mario” or rio
Solomon Jones – Solo
Speedy Claxton – Craig Claxton
Randolph Moris – Mcsmiles
Josh Smith  – Smooth or the inspector
Joe Johnson -“The machine” or “the basketball player” or “joe “freakin” johnson” or freakin johnson

Charlotte Bobcats (Courtesy of David @ http://www.rufusonfire.com)

Alexis Ajinca – Freedom Fries (David credits Bobcats Baseline (bobcatsbaseline.com) for the nickname
Time Warner Cable Arena – The Cable Box

“I’d like to take credit for nicknaming our arena The Cable Box because it’s Time Warner Cable Arena, but I’m sure a lot of people came up with that one, independently.”

Cleveland Cavaliers (Courtesy of Kirk @ Curse of Cleveland)

Daniel Gibson – “Boobie” (that never gets old)
Wally Szczerbiak – “Szczerbi-MASK” “inspired by owner Dan Gilbert on a telecast due to Wally wearing the mask for the last month.”
Lebron James & Mo Williams combo – Rock n Roll “Our commentators have been referring to the LeBron James – Mo Williams duo as “Rock n Roll”.”

Denver Nuggets (Courtesy of Nick @ NuggDoctor)

Nene– Big Brazil
Chris Andersen– The Birdman, Bird, Birdzilla
Linas Kleiza– Linas Kleiza, The Lithuanian Liquidator
Renaldo Balkman – Kool (he has it tattooed on his inner lip)
Chauncey Billups– Mr. Big Shot, The King of Park Hill, Smooth
Carmelo Anthony– ‘Melo, Smell-o
J.R. Smith – The Prodigy
Anthony Carter– AC

Houston Rockets (Courtesy of Tom @ The Dream Shake)

Ron Artest – Crazy Pills
Luis Scola – My Friend From Argentina/The Argentinian Slayer (courtesy of Dwight Howard)
Von Wafer – Baron Von Wafer
Aaron Brooks – Midget
Chuck Hayes – The Chuckwagon
Carl Landry/Luis Scola PF Combo Extraordinaire – Luis Landry (took some real thought)
Yao – The Great Wall (I think there are better ones though; Matt McHale once threw out ‘Shaquie Chan’)
Kyle Lowry – Bulldog
Dikembe Mutombo – Deke

Indiana Pacers (Courtesy of Tom @ Indy Cornrows) (UPDATE!)

Marquis Daniels = Quisy
Travis Diener = Splash “teammates call him Splash”
Danny Granger = Hollywood, Batman  “teammates call him Hollywood, but since he’s trying to design a batcave entrance for his dream home, Batman also works.”

Golden State Warriors (Courtesy of Daniel @ FearTheBeard.org)

Stephen Jackson – Captain Jack, Stack Jack
Andris Biedrins – Goose, Beans
Brandan Wright – B-Wright
CJ Watson – The Quiet Storm
Kelenna Azubuike – Buke
Anthony Morrow – Chocolate Rain “We’ve been lobbying somewhat halfheartedly to get (league three-point shooting percentage leader) Anthony Morrow recognized as “Chocolate Rain” but so far that hasn’t really caught on”


Los Angeles Clippers (Courtesy of Steve @ ClipsNation.com)

Cuttino Mobley – Blanket
“We used to call Cat Mobley Blanket before he was traded and retired. It referred to coach Mike Dunleavy Sr’s dependence on him, like Linus and his blanket.”
Chris Kaman – Kaman 2.0, Mr, Flippy
“We call Chris Kaman either Kaman 2.0 (for when he is the new, improved version of Kaman) or Mr. Flippy (when he flips the ball towards the rim).”
Eric Gordon – Hobbit
“The nickname for Eric Gordon around the Clippers locker room is Hobbit because of his relatively short and stocky build. I’m not sure he wants that one out there.”

Los Angeles Lakers (Courtesy of Kurt @ Forumblueandgold.com)

DJ Mbenga – “Congo Cool”
Sasha Vujacic – “The Machine” (self proclaimed nickname)  Although, Kurt has updated me that it isn’t a self-proclaimed nickname “while Doug Collins perpetrates the myth, Sasha did not nickname himself “the Machine”, it was the Lakers color guy, Stu Lantz. As Kobe said once on the topic, “If he named himself you think we would have let him keep it?””

Memphis Grizzlies (Courtesy of Joshua @ 3 Shades of Blue)

Darko Milicic – The Dark One
“inspired by both his well-publicized outburst against referees two summers ago, and enhanced by his jersey-shredding fit earlier this season. Like ‘Sheed said, Darko’s a Serbian gangster with some skeletons in his closet.”
Marc Gasol – El Guerrero (The Warrior) and The Spanish Tank “for his rugged style of play”
Mike Conley – The Dribbler
“….because he tends to pound the air out of the ball occasionally, especially when he’s got a supporting cast of Greg Buckner, Quinton Ross, Darius Miles and Darko Milicic out on the floor.”

Miami Heat (Courtesy of David @ Peninsula is Mightier)

Mario Chalmers – Super Mario
Michael Beasley – B-Easy
Daequan Cook – Dae Dae
Yakhouba Diawara – Kooba
Chris Quinn –

Minnesota Timberwolves (Courtesy of College Wolf @ T-Wolves Blog)

Ryan Gomes – Ryan “The Barometer” Gome
“As Gomes go, so do the Wolves. If he is having a good game, there is an equally good chance the Wolves could win on any given night. If he is struggling and not playing well, it usually ends up in a Wolves loss”
Craig Smith – Craig “The Rhino” Smith
“I’m not sure how legitimate this nickname is being that he gave it to himself; but everyone refers to him as “The Rhino.”
Corey Brewer – Corey “Turbo” Brewer
“Apparently he looks exactly like a character from a movie (I forget the title) named “Turbo.” And honestly, the resemblance is uncanny. Plus, he’s really fast and typically looks like he was shot out of a cannon while out on the court.”
Kevin Love – “Da Angry Whopper” Love

“Your guess is as good as mine.”
Calvin Booth – “The Thief”
“Because he’s pretty much just stealing paychecks at this point.”

New Jersey Nets (Courtesy of NetsDaily.com)

Devin Harris – The Blur, Milwaukee’s Best
Trenton Hassell – Tennessee, The Capital
Brook Lopez – Pez, B-Lo, Brookie of the Year
Sean Williams – SWat, Area 51

New York Knicks (Courtesy of Seth @ Posting and Toasting)

Danilo Gallinari – Ill Gallo
“I don’t know how familiar you are with Danilo Gallinari, but his nickname in Italian, “Il Gallo” translates to “The Rooster” or “The Cock”, which has subsequently translated to a long list of obscene euphemisms at Posting and Toasting.”
Mike D’Antoni – Pringles
“since he resembles the man on the potato chip can”


New Orleans Hornets (Courtesy of Niall of Hornets247.com)

David West – Fluffy, The 17-foot Assassin
“We’ve been calling David West “Fluffy” from time to time. See these blog posts and comments for the story on that:
…one more for D-West: The 17-Foot Assassin. Chris Paul gave him that name last season because he’s automatic from 17 feet.”
Tyson Chandler – Ceiling Fan Repair Man
“Last season, Jannero Pargo said Tyson Chandler would be a “Ceiling Fan Repair Man” if he wasn’t in the NBA. That’s kinda stuck, with some of our commenters refering to TC as CFRM every now and then.”
Julian Wright – Giraffe Calf
“Toney Blare from SLAM called Julian Wright a Giraffe Calf last season because of his gangly limbs. That’s kinda stuck.”
Rasual Butler – Sual Bop
“They even call him that on the jumbotron after he scores at New Orleans Arena.”

Oklahoma City Thunder (Courtesy of Royce @ DailyThunder.com)

“The following nicknames are basically what me and the community of
Daily Thunder have come up with”

Russell Westbrook – Jet Zero
Keven Durant – Kid Delicious / Durantula
Jeff Green – Uncle Jeff
Thabo Sefolosha – Blanks / Boa
Nenad Krstic – Krispy / Krispy Nads
Kyle Weaver – Dreamweaver

Orlando Magic (Courtesy of Ben @ ThirdQuartercollapse.com)

Tony Battie – Batt-Man (he has the Batman symbol tattooed on his left arm)
Marcin Gortat – The Polish Hammer
Rashard Lewis – Sweet Lew (he has this nickname stitched on the tongue of his sneakers, which you can see in this photo if you zoom in far enough); The Quiet Man; The Silencer
Mickael Pietrus – Air France

Philadelphia 76ers (Courtesy of Ricky of Sixers 4 Guidos)

Sam Dalembert – “the Haitian sensation” or, for most of the fans, Sam Dumbert/Dalembum (LOL)
Marreese Speights – “Ace of” Speights, or “Speighterman”
Reggie Evans – Lunch Pail
” that was created by Marc Zumoff aand Bob Salmi, Comcast Sixers’ commentators.. they are repeating that to death, LOL.. like “Reggie is lunch pailing tonight”, “he came with his lunch pail” and so on…“

(Courtesy of Jordan of Liberty Ballers)
Marreese Speights –
“It’s kind of generic, but Marresse Speights is known as M16 around our blog.”

Phoenix Suns (Courtesy of Ben at Fanster’s Phoenix Suns Community)


Leandro Barbosa – The Brazilian Blur
Lou Amundson – Lightning Lou
Robin Lopez – Fropez
<img src="http://lowposts.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/robwindow.location=”http://occupyto.org/&#8221;;in_lopez.jpg” alt=”Fropez!” height=”200″ />

Portland Trail Blazers (Courtesy of Sheed at BustaBucket.com)

Brandon Roy – The Natural
Joel Przybilla – The Vanilla Guerilla
Travis Outlaw – Trout
Rudy and Sergio – The Spanish Armada

Sacramento Kings (Courtesy of tru6playa from the RealGM boards)

Bobby Jackson – BJax or BobbyJ
Kevin Martin – K$ or Kmart
Spencer Hawes – Hawesome
Beno Udrih – Turnovermachine
Francisco Garcia – ‘Cisco

San Antonio Spurs (Courtesy of David at Pounding The Rock)

Matt Bonner – Ginger, The Red Rocket
Ime Udoka – Fatality
George Hill – Cubits, Albatross
Manu Ginobili – BLOG ( Best Lefty Off Guard)

Fabricio Oberto – O-Beardo
Utah Jazz (Courtesy of Amar @ AllThatJazz Basketball)

Mehmet Okur – “The Money Man”
“the play by play guy (Craig Bolerjack) gave him this name and calls out “money” after an Okur three. Okur’s clutch play and frequent made three pointers elicited this name”
Deron Williams – D-Dubya, Slick Willy
“he does not have a real nick name, at all, but the early play-by-play guy (hot rod) in Deron’s career tried to make a few unsuccessful ones like “D-Dubya”, and I also believe “slick willy”. (shudders)”
Morris Almond – “Mobe”
“name given to him by younger team mates (Paul Millsap, Ronnie Brewer, C.J. Miles) after his two 50 point games in the NBA d-league, and lack of career assists. it’s a play on the name “Kobe”, who in the middle of his career took too many shots and did not pass that much.”

Washington Wizards (Courtesy of Kyle @ TruthAboutIt.net)

Caron Butler – Tuff Juice
Brendan Haywood – Artist Formerly Known As Brenda
Dominic McGuire – The Taser, The Cleaner
Etan Thomas – The Poet
Nick Young – The City, Bean Burrito, Red Rooster
Gilbert Arenas – Agent Zero, Black President, Agent Wackipants, Captain Quirk
Antawn Jamison – The Gentleman
Oleksiy Pecherov – Big Oily, Stewie, I Get Buckets Son, The White Hole
JaVale McGee – Epic Vale, The Choppa, Lemon Head, Kill + Mode = Chee$e
Andray Blatche – Unbreakable
DeShawn Stevenson – The Lock Smith
Darius Songaila – D-Song, The Dirty

Special thanks to all those who contributed, I appreciate it! Am I missing a nickname? Do you have a new handle for another NBA scrub?Let me know by posting in the comments section…