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Welcome to T.O., Lunch Pail

Reggie Evans made his first appearance in Toronto, and the press have already compared him to the second coming of Charles Oakley.  Except Reggie doesn’t have a jumper.  His nicknames?  “Joker,” “Lunch Pail” or “Sexual Harrassment Panda”

The highlights of the press Q&A:

Press: “What do you know about Toronto, the city?”

Reggie: “Real nice & pretty….umm umm, nice and pretty”

And this part: 


Press: “Has a coach ever run an offensive play for you?”

Reggie: “Once.  I had to post up Muggsy Bogues.  On a switch…..then I woke up.”

“I’ll give you a 15-footer jumper once a month”

Click below for the full video: