How to Prepare for a Spartan Race?

How to Prepare for a Spartan Race?

How to Prepare for a Spartan Race?

Conquering the somewhat challenging and tough Spartan Race requires you to undergo a lot of preparation so you will know exactly what to expect once the race starts. If you come there unprepared, then you will be at risk of losing or worse, incurring injuries.

The good news is that with proper preparation, you can definitely handle every challenge involved in the race. Such will allow you to complete it successfully, giving you the confidence and pride that you are hoping to enjoy and receive from participating in the event.

If you’re still a beginner, therefore, then you have to prepare for the Spartan Race with the help of these expert tips:

Tip #1 – Run regularly

How to prepare for a Spartan Race is easy to answer if you commit to running regularly. Make it a routine to run for around thirty to sixty minutes every day. If possible, do the running in an upward and downward motion. While you might think that it is a boring activity, it can help a lot in improving your endurance.

In addition, it can heighten your mental toughness and improve your ability to stay focused when you are trying to complete a tedious and challenging race, like Spartan. Another tip, which involves running, is to run repeatedly over bridges and overpasses before your scheduled race.

While Spartan does not let you encounter terrains as high and long as mountains, doing the runs over bridges and overpasses is a big help in acquiring similar elevation gain. Such can boost your chance of completing the race successfully.

Tip #2 – Work out

Running is already a good workout for anyone who is preparing for a Spartan Race. However, you can’t solely rely on it during the preparation. Remember how important it is to work out different parts of your body so you’ll be fully prepared come race day. You can give yourself a full workout by just climbing the stairs. Climb up and down for a few minutes and do it regularly.

You can also utilize your treadmill. Hop on your fitness equipment then start walking or jogging to give your body the kind of workout it needs. The use of resistance is also advisable. It makes for a more challenging workout. To undergo resistance training, you can carry a log or rock when working out or wear a weighted vest.

When working out, your goal should be to make your feet stronger and more resilient. It’s possible by making it a habit to run up and down a stair or a mountain. Note that Spartan race often comes with unpredictable terrains that might damage your feet in case they are not that mobile.

That said, targeting your feet with an aim of building mobility is a must. One tip is to roll your feet with the help of a lacrosse ball. Another one is to perform exercises capable of stretching the front and back portions of your lower leg.

If you want to build strong proprioception in your feet, then you can perform balance exercises that require the use of only one leg. Another option is to walk barefooted around your house. Other workouts designed to help you prepare for the Spartan Race are squats, inverted row or pull-ups, walking lunges, deadlifts, and burpees.

Tip #3 – Supply your body with adequate nutrients.

It would be impossible for you to complete the Spartan Race if you’re not healthy. The same holds true if you did not supply your body with the right amount of nutrients beforehand. Give your body the fuel it needs to make it fully prepared for the event by eating the healthiest foods.

Prior to the race, know exactly what your nutritional requirements are. Eat various pre-workout foods and observe your body’s reaction to them. By doing that, you will know exactly the types of foods that serve as fuel when you are in a race.

Some options, in this case, are gels, gummies, and blocks, that serve as your ultimate fuel when you are running and handling longer distances. Make sure that your body is also fully prepared to handle the challenge by eating something one hour prior to the start of the race.

A serving of oatmeal with one piece of banana is a good choice. Pack other sources of fuel, like gels and gummies that you can easily grab and enjoy. They are particularly helpful, especially during long races that require you to replenish your lost calories every 45 minutes or so.


Indicated in this article are just some of the most important tips that you have to remember if you want to know exactly how to prepare for a Spartan Race and guarantee your success. Aside from the already mentioned tips, prepare for the race by researching about the best clothes and gears to wear.

Avoid cotton and go for dry-fit clothes that wick moisture. Wear compression shorts and calf sleeves, too, and invest in a high-quality, waterproof, and lightweight pair of sneakers or shoes. Ensure that your chosen shoe has a sturdy sole as it can prevent you from slipping and suffering from injuries.