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How can anyone outside of California root for this team to win?? Draymond STOP Kicking!


This is the team I am cheering for in the West because as of right now they are most likely to beat the Warriors.


They continue to roll against all competition with only one recent loss.


I think they made the right call because I would rather have a big time FA and the Nets pick rather than just George or Butler.


Have lost their last 2 including a bad loss to the Sixers but I still have faith in this team and I refuse to move the Rockets up right now.


May deserve to be higher but you go after Ricky and you gain no respect from me Beverly.


6-3 over their last stretch of games. Russell Westbrook continues to take over the NBA and it is fun to watch.


3-3 over the last stretch of games but a solid record overall and they did just beat the surging Wizards in Washington.

9.Cle Cavaliers(40-17)

Have had a very easy schedule recently losing their only difficult games to the Bulls and the Thunder so not much to see here.


How can you not love the Raptors right now?? Great moves at the deadline they now have a real shot to win the East.


Have struggled a bit but still one of the best teams in the West.


Getting Chris Paul back and now having the surprisingly solid Rivers as depth could be the solution to right this team. Double digit losses to Spurs and Warriors however show they are not there yet.


Currently on a 4 game win streak but can they keep it up?


If Wolves have any chance to take the 8 seed they are going to have to not only beat the bad teams but find a way to squeak out some tough wins as well. Fix your rotations Thibs!!

15. SacKings(25-34)

I personally love the Kings right now because three of my favorite players in Hield, Skal and WCS are together. This is a team that will be fun to watch if nothing else.


Have lost four of their last five and at times to some bad competition. They are starting a slide at the wrong time.


The fact that your superstar can’t play at the end of games because he is beyond terrible from the FT line is very troubling. I can understand why they looked to possibly move him.


Definitely struggling right now so no shock they looked at the possible George trade market. George is fantastic but is he enough for this team to make any sort of a run?


4-1 over the last five games is nice to see and they are doing it on the shoulders of the Greek Freak.


2-4 over their last stretch including a loss to the Wolves is music to my ears. Still do have the 8 seed in their grasp but it appears they will lose that sooner than later.


This team realizes what it is and seem to be playing for a draft pick at this stage. Love the move however for Noel since they basically got him for free.


Will Embiid ever be healthy? 4-2 over the last six.


Chemistry does not happen overnight so this will be a process. As a Wolves fan I hope it is a long process.


Jokic losing two teeth in the last game is this season for the Blazers to a T.


I think it is safe to say I was right about the Hornets. Just not a good season although Kaminsky is a nice bright spot.


Stop nationally televising the Knicks!!!! I am not sure even New Yorkers want to watch this let alone the rest of the country.


Still very pleased to see the Lakers floundering at the bottom of the league. I also get changing the leadership because ridiculous to turn down a Cousins trade over Brandon Ingram.


Losers of many over the last stretch. This is a lottery team no question.


The Magic are magic in name only as they continue to struggle and proved over the deadline what a dumb trade the Ibaka one was last year on draft night.


Nothing to see here.



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