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Should have lost to the Wolves but Thibs was the Spurs greatest asset aside from the always great defender Leonard.


Beating the Warriors and Raptors this week was a nice stretch in what has been a long run of solid play.


This team has been absolutely on fire on offense and all it takes is league average defense to win games with the high points they score. Loss at home to the Pacers is their only recent blemish.


So if the Warriors do not win this year will Durant try to find his way to whoever does?


Just destroyed the Cavs to help make up for losing to Magic and Mavericks recently.


No idea how this team lost to the Suns even if it was away. Still one of the top teams however.


Should be 3-0 this week but Thibs did a terrible job game planning for the Spurs. Overall this was one of the best weeks for the Wolves this season.


Team is 5-2 over the last seven with the two losses coming to two of the better teams in the league.

9.Cle Cavaliers(42-19)

I am really getting tired of this resting players for away games routine the Cavs love to play.


Still a top 10 team in my eyes although now is not the time to be losing to the Bucks.


Three straight losses has this team faltering a bit. Either that, or they really hate the Wolves since all three losses were to teams fighting for the eight seed.


For my money, if I want to win I am starting Ish Smith not Reggie Jackson. This has been a very up and down team even from game to game.


Beating the Rockets and Hawks and a very close loss to the Spurs has this team flying high at the moment.


I am very surprised by this team because I thought they would go away. They have been very fortunate that road teams like the Bulls and Bucks for some reason decided not to show up for their games.


4-1 over their last five this is a dark horse to nab the eight seed and it helps to have a great coach like Carlisle.  Also, Dirk a +26 against the Thunder doesn’t hurt.


2-5 over their last seven this team has work to do if they want to make any more than a one and done appearance in the playoffs.


I have no hope for this team when the playoffs come. They are just a good team but not great.


It is one thing to beat the bad teams in the West but getting rocked by the Rockets shows they are not an upper level team.


6-3 over their last nine has them playing better ball but still not a team that is going to make a splash this year.


Their record says everything you need to know about this team.


Their recent stretch is very much beat who you should and lose to who is better than you.


Still love the move for them getting Nurkic. Could this team possibly make a serious run at the eighth seed?


Nothing to see here really but a nice week for them going 2-1 but I do appreciate them beating the Nuggets.


Four straight losses is to be expected for a team jumping on the rebuild. I do have to question why Skal is not being used more or even at all last game given they are rebuilding.


Looked very good this last week going 3-1.


Not a lot to be happy about currently if you are a Sixers fan.


Not sure what it will take to make the Knicks good again. They are lucky to be in a big market and free agency destination.


Full rebuild is happening in Orlando and David Adelman should really help with this process given his coaching acumen and time with the Wolves.


Very glad the Nets exist.





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