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No team has had a longer stretch of hot play and this team is going to make a run in the playoffs mark my words. No surprise that going from Randy Wittman to Scott Brooks is a massive upgrade.


They have definitely taken a tiny step back recently in my eyes and are definitely fortunate for Thibs bad rotations as well as Warriors resting players. For now though, they stay at #2.


Almost back to .500 I am excited to see this team come playoff time. How good would they be if they had Winslow still as well?


Originally the Bucks game angered me but three games in four nights and coming off a huge win the night before against the Warriors and I can’t be upset. This team is playing amazing right now and everyone should watch out if they make the eight seed.


Still playing at such a high level but other teams had better weeks and I think the teams in front of them would win head to head.


Keep it up Jazz, have to appreciate the way this team plays and how successful they are despite being younger.


Not their best week but still playing pretty good. I still do worry about these guys come playoffs a bit.


Three straight losses and they are resting players so I drop them because I am sick of good teams resting players on the road.


A good way to right a losing streak is to beat both the Jazz and Spurs.


7-3 over their last ten this team is looking good. Not a lot of great teams in that stretch but a win over the Cavs.


3-6 is a bad stretch. Cavs need Kevin Love back ASAP so they can gel before the playoffs.


No shock that this team is just not as good without Lowry. Team needs other guys to start stepping up if they want to win.


The Heat win keeps them from dropping from the next grouping of crazy hot teams.


Anytime now Nuggets the Wolves and their fans would love you to fold like Origami.


6-2 is a solid stretch including some quality wins against Thunder and Grizzlies.


Beating bad teams and losing to good ones is not the recipe for any sort of solid playoff run.


Winners of six in a row including a win against the Clippers that helps them move up even further.


They are always going to be a second tier team. Blowing this team up after the season could be a good idea.


Playing much better ball right now since the team got the super talented Nurkic. That may have been the best pickup of the season and could be what gets them in at the eight seed if they keep this up.


The schedule has not done them any favors since their trade. Add this to the time it takes to build chemistry and it means losses.


They have just not been very good but they are very appreciative of the really bad teams that exist behind them.


Struggling, plain and simple struggling.


This team is all about runs this year and at this stage there have been too many losing runs.


Yuck. Maybe since you have gone full rebuild stop playing Kosta Koufos major minutes and let Skal start instead alongside WCS.


Had a decent stretch before this week but now losing to the Lakers  and losing three out of four shows they are still a long ways off from consistency.


Noel gone and Embiid done it is no shock this is a bad team.


Tanking much?


Not much to say about a team that is Magic in name only.


They beat the Suns but that just makes them 1-9 over their last ten.


Just not willing to move them from the cellar despite them playing better than some teams in front of them. Still only 12 wins which keeps you in the cellar.




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