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NBA Week 4 Power Rankings


Seeing these guys live on Saturday it is easy to see why they are so good. Leave them open at all and they do not miss. Some great wins so far this season.

2.Cle Cavaliers(8-1)

Lone blemish is losing at home to the Hawks but that is all it takes to drop out of the top spot.


Quality wins at Charlotte and at OKC keeps them rolling and in the top 3.


Faced some quality competition in the West in this stretch and is starting to look like the team people thought they would be.


Giving Cleveland a loss at Cleveland was big, so far this team has been better than I anticipated.


Losing at home to the Rockets is not the way to stay in the top 5 of the rankings. Still going to be one of the better teams at seasons end though.


Beating the Jazz made it an easy decision to put them ahead here.


Losing to the Hornets made it an easy decision to put them below here.


I would like to see them look better against some of the young teams in the west, despite being 7-4 they are a cut below the best teams.


Some losses to good teams but the loss at home to the Magic really stings. This was a rough stretch for them.


Not perfect, but this was a solid week for them keeping them in the top half of the league so far but just short of the top 10.


A nice win at Denver and some other close losses but just not much happening to move the needle either way.


Rockets are definitely trending in the right direction especially beating the Spurs at San Antonio.


Got destroyed by a very depleted Wolves team on Sunday.


Celtics are a very blah team so far. Losing to the Wizards even away is just not a good way to get your name out there.


Losing to the Pelicans? Seriously?


A win at OKC is what keeps them ahead of some of the next few teams. This is still a team that is hard to read and consistent does not seem to describe them.


A very average team so far but likely will improve.


Better than advertised but doesn’t seem like they can keep this up long term.


While this team has looked better at times, they still struggle in the 3rd quarter. 47pts from Wiggins in a win though is a nice step in the right direction given all the players the Wolves were missing.


This team has a lot of work to do and hopefully George is back sooner than later from his day to day injury.


This team is about what people expected or maybe slightly better. With Cousins they can compete every night.


I thought the Knicks would be better than this. Tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel for them.


Lots to like about this team so far. They are in the game every night and really have a bright future.


Record and loss to the Nets aside I have still been very impressed with this team. A close loss at Portland, losing by only 13 at Golden State and beating the Pistons is nothing to laugh at.


Didn’t expect world beaters but definitely thought they would be better than this so far.


Dirk Nowitzki


Still surprised this team is as bad as they have been. Just no reason to move them from this spot right now.


1 more loss than the Sixers maybe puts them as the worse team but at this point it is safe to say it doesn’t matter and they both stink.


See 29

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