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1.Cle Cavaliers(13-2)

Kevin Love is coming alive including a 34 point quarter. This team looks primed for another NBA finals run.


Not much to say here. The team adds Durant and this was expected but for me, I always hope for a Warriors loss.


Have not lost a game since my last rankings and are definitely in mid-season form already.


Losing to a Paul Georgeless Pacers team is a good way to take a drop in the rankings.


Still a good team but have struggled a bit recently. Benefited from other teams struggling as well to stay top 5.


Have been playing really good basketball but losing to the Raptors keeps them at 6 instead of top 5.


6 straight games on a road trip is never easy but 4-2 with some tough competition makes them risers this week.


May deserve to be higher at this point but wasn’t willing to put them ahead of teams that were already ahead with same or similar records. 8-2 over their last 10 is nice to see including wins against the Jazz and Clippers.


At 9 we start into the next tier of teams that are much more average starting with the Celtics. Celtcs have been playing better as of late and getting back their big FA addition in Horford can do that. 6-3 over their last 9 including a close loss to the Spurs.


This team was surprisingly good early on but now looking more like the team many thought they would be preseason.


Starting to come back to the pack since the last rankings. Here’s to hoping my before season prediction of them finishing in the bottom of the league comes true.


This is still a very inconsistent team aside from Mr. Triple Double. 3 straight losses to the Pacers, Lakers and Kings is not the recipe for Power Rankings success.


Not as good as I had thought they would be so far but it’s ok to be .500 in the West and remember the season is a marathon not a sprint.


Prior to the season I expected big things from the Pacers and at 9-9 I am very impressed especially given Paul George has been missing games. Beating the Clippers at home but without George was no small feat. This is still a sleeper team to really watch out for.


At .500 there are many reasons to be happy if you are a Lakers fan. Like other teams, it is clear their Kryptonite is the Warriors losing by a combined  67 pts in two straight games to them.


Knicks finally trending in the right direction winners of  5 of their last 7 games.


Kings have room to improve but have to give them credit for beating Thunder and Raptors and being 3-1 over their last 4.


6-4 over their last 10 games and they are starting to actually look like a professional basketball team.


I see you Pistons. Great win against the Clippers but still playing inconsistent basketball. This team will muck around average basketball until they get back Reggie Jackson.


2-6 over their last 8 and the Blazers have really under performed so far this season. Only wins in that stretch were Pelicans and Nets so nothing to brag about at all currently.


Mediocrity at its finest. They just have to hope they play the Magic every game the rest of the year if they want to win.


Better than some, worse than most. Still love their future but they are a work in progress as to be expected. Have to respect wins recently though against both the Jazz and Bulls.


Very competitive but it has not lead to many wins. A lot to like so far though from this team.


I expected more from our beloved franchise. Competitive against the Warriors and a nice comeback win in Phoenix maybe can help them turn the corner.


3-8 over their last 11 the Magic are your typical young struggling team. I still have to shake my head at their draft night trade which to me was a swing and a miss for their future.


3-9 over their last 12 and no good wins to speak of. This is a typical young team in the West that has a long ways to go.


Does it really matter where I put them?


Nets gonna Net and with 7 straight losses they are who we thought they were.


Still a bottom dweller but thankful for the Mavericks.


Tough to argue for the Mavericks as anything but the worst team right now. Cuban has said they are not going to tank though so at least the fan base has that.

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