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Andrew Wiggins, Your Extension Awaits!

Dear Andrew Wiggins,

Mr. Taylor sees this:

You see this.

I see this.

We all see this because we all know what’s coming:


Yes, Mr. Wiggins!


I betchu you’re excited about the extension, and I know you have a meeting with Mr. Taylor on a variety of topics:

Regardless of the subjects discussed, and the pressures you may feel of living up to a max extension, don’t forget this: extensions breed expectations but expectations, in the end, are simply expectations.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Sure, the expectations may be coming from Mr. Taylor, the owner, but when he’s sitting courtside next to Thibs at the Target Center, he is a fan like everyone else.

He expects you to finish at the corners. He expects you to defend inside.

He, like every other fan out there—myself included—expects improvements.


So Mr. Wiggins, before you knock on Mr. Taylor’s door, pause for a second—and remember this: you have improved your game this offseason.

You have improved a lot since your rookie season.

And when you sit there, waiting for the documents, anxiously twirling your pen, pause for another second—and remember this: you’ve earned all of this.

Your extension awaits!


Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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