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Debuting With An Apology

Dear Timberwolves fans,

The Howlin’ T-Wolf is a safe space that represents the voices of Timberwolves fans everywhere—your individual voices, in other words.

A lot of developments have taken place since I became the owner. We recently joined The Sports Daily, an up-and-coming network that is now a part of the NESN family. This means, by extension, that the Howlin’ T-Wolf is a part of The Sports Daily and NESN network.

Unfortunately, there were unexpected challenges that delayed the debut of our new site. To sum it up in a sentence, there were a lot of challenges that were beyond our control.

This is the reality of transitioning to a network. Changes take time, and unexpected challenges occur.

I do not run away from these challenges. I make adjustments, and I will continue to make adjustments whenever the Howlin’ T-Wolf encounters challenges.

One of those challenges right now involves our domain. The howlintwolf.com is currently being transferred to The Sports Daily. That is the reality, and with the NBA season approaching, we are going to make adjustments.

We are going to debut on The Sports Daily network with their URL instead of ours. For now, you can find us at thesportsdaily.com/howlin-t-wolf. We will continue our Timberwolves coverage here.

What does this mean for howlintwolf.com? We will be right back. The howlintwolf.com will be linked to our page in The Sports Daily website soon. Give us a week or two.

We will keep you posted. And on behalf of the Howlin’ T-Wolf, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience.

My Best,

David Ka Wai Pan, owner of Howlin’ T-Wolf

P.S: If you want to reach out to me, here’s my email: howlintwolf@bloguin.com.

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