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Here’s How The Timberwolves Could’ve Beaten The Warriors

Dear Timberwolves fans,

The Timberwolves lost to the Warriors tonight but it was, in some strange way—maybe i’m crazy to say this…—a beautiful loss.

Here’s how the Warriors won tonight:

They Drilled One Three, After Another:

The sample sizes are self-explanatory. The Warriors were unstoppable from the three-point line.

Makes sense—of course, that’s what the Warriors are known for—but let me ask you this, Timberwolves fans. What if the Timberwolves shot more of these buckets:

They would’ve won! (Or at least kept the game close)

And perhaps that is the moral of tonight’s loss.

The Timberwolves could’ve beaten the Warriors, if they played like the Warriors.


Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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