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Jimmy Butler trash talks Trail Blazers player while on bench

Timberwolves star Jimmy Butler didn’t play in the final minutes of Sunday’s game against the Trail Blazers, but that didn’t stop him from attempting to make his presence felt.

Butler was subbed out of the game with 4:57 remaining in the fourth quarter, as the Timberwolves had a comfortable 114-88 lead at the time, so he watched the remainder of the contest from the bench.

For some reason, though, Butler was seen talking trash in the direction of Trail Blazers rookie center Zach Collins shortly after he exited the game.

“Collins, you’re terrible!” Butler appeared to yell, while seated on the bench.

Butler’s trash talk was directed at Collins, who the Kings selected with the 10th overall pick in this year’s draft. He was traded to the Blazers less than two weeks after that happened, and has been averaging 14 minutes per game for the team.

Talking trash to an opposing player while on the bench isn’t a great look, and Butler would’ve been better off just enjoying the blowout win with his teammates, rather than rubbing salt in the wound.

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