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Kevin Love, You Touch Lives

Dear Kevin Love,

I read your story:

I saw the reactions from allies like this guy:

Oh, I didn’t forget the fans. They are your allies too:

All in all, everyone around the league, no matter who they root for or who they play for, could relate to your struggles.

Everyone is going through something…

Everyone is going through something.

Whether we are basketball fans, Timberwolves fans, Timberwolves players, or ex-Timberwolves player such as yourself, we have our internal struggles.

We do a pretty bad job expressing them, especially when our societal norms categorizes us in boxes that denigrates other aspects of our selves.

I’m glad you did though. I’m glad you showed everyone that despite the social constructions that impairs our judgment on gender roles, in the end, we are all human being with emotions and struggles that are relatable across the spectrum.

We just express them differently—and when high-profile stars like you do so, I just want you to know this: Kevin Love, You Touch Lives.

You Touch Lives When You Are Vulnerable.


Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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