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Patrick Patterson, if the Timberwolves trust you, I will too

Dear Patrick Patterson,

I once covered Toronto sports—the Blue Jays on The Sports Daily network (you can’t find me anymore because I mistakenly blew up the page)—but I’m not a Raptors fan.

I’m a Timberwolves fan.

I tweeted about you a while back:

AND the Raptors fans on Twitter finally paid attention. Here’s what they have to say:

Here’s the worst part:

Okay, let’s be clear: NOT every Raptors fans hate you.

That’s clearly an overreaction!

For every reactionary fan, there are level-headed ones. Here’s one:

Yes, Mr. Patterson, I believe you could be huge for us. Here’s why: if the Timberwolves sign you, Thibs wants you.

He wants you to be one of our players off the bench.

Take note: The Timberwolves have a finite amount of Room Exception: $4,328,000, to be exact.


That’s not chump change to us. That’s money we need to spend wisely, and Thibs will. No doubt.

Now I don’t know the thought process behind Thibs—if I say I do, with 100% certainty, well I’m being disingenuous—but if Thibs pursues you, or 29 other teams (including the Raptors) do, clearly you don’t suck.

It just means you need to find a system that fits you.

Who knows if that’s Thib’s system—Thibs value bigs over shooters—and who knows whether you will be used (extensively) if we sign you.

(Thibs is a secretive guy, in case you didn’t already know)


If Thibs, for whatever reason, pursues you and wants to sign you, that means you’re a fit.

He’s willing to invest in you.

So if your agent calls you back and tells you Thibs would like a meeting, take it.

Forget all the doubts, the negativities that come with the nonsense.

Just remember this: If Thibs signs you, he trusts you, and because he trusts you, I will too.

All the best.


Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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Last but not least, check out the latest Timberwolves news:

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