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Quick Takeaways From The Minnesota Timberwolves VS The Golden State Warriors

Minnesota Timberwolves Vs Golden State Warriors

Late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning the Minnesota Timberwolves took on the defending Champs in China.

Minnesota defeated the Golden State Warriors in their first preseason matchup 111-97.

Minnesota and Golden State will go back at it on Sunday for this short preseason.

The Minnesota Timberwolves came out the gates slow and sluggish but turned it around in the second.

Karl-Anthony Towns ended the game with 16 Points eight rebounds and three assists.

Jimmy Butler had 16 points five rebounds and four assists and Andrew Wiggins followed up with 14 points three rebounds and two assists.


One of the biggest takeaways that I saw was Andrew Wiggins growth in two areas we asked him to grow in.

Defense and three-point shooting. He didn’t shoot great from three in the game going 2-6 but the two he made were beautiful.

He looks much more confident in his range. Speaking of range and confidence from deep Towns three-point shot has improved even more.

Yes, people Towns got better. Scary right? At one point of the game Towns saves a ball from going out goes behind his back to Jimmy who passes it back.

Towns then pump fakes Draymond Green and stared him down as he nails the three.

Shabazz Muhammad also looked good on defense and you wouldn’t believe it but he passed the ball!

Shabazz and Gorgoui Dieng gives Minnesota a fun change of pace with their playing styles.

Then you have Tyus Jones who looks way more comfortable with running the second unit him and Jamal Crawford makes each other better.

One negative I will say is Jeff Teague first half. He looked out of sort and horrible. He stepped it up second half but eyes are on him this season.

He has to show everyone he’s a better fit than long time wolf and now Jazz Ricky Rubio.

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Below are the full game highlights for your enjoyment.

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