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Taj Gibson, What You Did Yesterday Was Unforgettable

Dear Taj Gibson,

I felt two things when I saw this on Twitter:

First of all, my heart sank.

What a tragedy for Chynna Ann Battle, the mother whose life was taken too soon at 21-years-old.

I could only imagine the hardship that her family must be going through.

Especially for 3-year-old Amelia.

So when I read the other part of the headline—you donating $20,000 to her family—my heart skipped a beat.

And I rejoiced.

Mr. Gibson, $20,000 these days may seem like pennies on the dollar, but $20,000 for a family growing up in the Bronx—where you are from—is a lot of money.

One, Amelia and her family are not going into debt trying to pay for the funeral cost.

And two, Amelia will be able to live a (semi) normal childhood.

Of course, no one could ever replace Amelia’s mother—absolutely no one—but no one’s going to forget what you did yesterday Taj:

Especially Amelia.


Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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