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Thibs, Jimmy Butler’s Injury Magnifies Your Kryptonite

Dear Thibs,

You remember what happened to Derrick Rose?

And now, Jimmy Butler:

One-by-one, your best players, who adore you by the way—I adore you too, because you’re ending the playoff drought soon but that’s a topic for another time—are going down.

Here’s an update on Jimmy Butler’s condition:

Oh, okay..

Still, gradually…something is wrong here. Jimmy Butler’s injury magnifies (what appears to be) your kryptonite.

I’m not the first to say this. The media in the past has speculated on your coaching style and the effects it has on players:

The Timberwolves blogosphere has as well. Here’s a small taste:

There’s more where that came from—they’re archived in cyberspace—…but listen: I’m not here to hound on your coaching style.

Nope. This is my response to all of the noise that’s out there: players go down for a variety of reasons, including non-basketball reasons—think Dante Cunningham and his arrest in 2014—so who knows if you’re inevitably responsible for the injuries above.

Who knows. Correlation does not equal cause and effect.

These correlations, though, concern me. Okay, maybe I’m still feeling the sting from Butler’s injury…however, I can’t help but think who’s vulnerable: Andrew Wiggins, Karl-Anthony Towns?

(No, not Towns!)

We cannot afford any more injuries to our rotation.

Otherwise, we’ll miss the playoffs.


Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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