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Timberwolves Fans Expect A lot From Jimmy Butler

Dear Timberwolves fans,

It was late at night, and after a long day at work, I needed to take a break.

So how do I take a break these days? Well, I read the latest Timberwolves chatter on Twitter.

(It’s therapeutic sometimes)

Anyways. I was reading about Jimmy Butler when I saw this tweet:

Hum. Interesting….

Maybe we, as in 327 of you, including myself so that makes it 328, expect too much from him.

Who knows. I guess this is what happens when you trade away Zach Lavine on draft night, and when you couple that with his latest clutch shots—see the most recent one below—it makes sense.

It makes a lot of sense. Jimmy Butler is supposed to be a game changer—one of our franchise players—and so far, he’s been who we thought he was.

He’s been living up to the hype, and then some.


Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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Last but not least, check out the latest Timberwolves news:

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