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You could blog/podcast Timberwolves (forever!) I’ll show you how 

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Hey. You,

I know you (not everyone of you)

I get you, I feel you. I hear you.

So what am I saying to you haha?

I’m saying this: dont.

Hold on, dont!

Dont be, alright? Dont be scared!


I know you love the Timberwolves like I do.

I know a part of you is itching to cover them.

Blog, podcast—you want to express your fandom about your favorite team.

But wait, I could see the dread in your eyes.

It’s hard work, and it’s scary right?

The truth is it’s not scary. It’s only hard work because it looks scary.

Okay, before you close this page, here’s my point: covering the Timberwolves is an eloquent and creative process that requires you to answer this simple question: what do you bring to the blogosphere?

Your personality, your fandom, your perspectives, your creativity—it’s the way you voice your thoughts on the Timberwolves that truly matters.

I know by now, I already discouraged 95% of you Timberwolves fan from taking action.


Some of you are dreading the idea because you lack the background—the qualifications, you may argue—to blog/podcast Timberwolves.

So you’re unqualified right?

Wrong. You’ve never been so wrong in your life.

And that’s great! If you truly want to cover the Timberwolves forever, I will teach you everything I know.

For free.


You don’t need to pay—I’m not kidding (really!)—for any of my knowledge if you truly desire it.

Nor should you apply to this outlet, or that outlet, etc, etc, having a background in this and that, etc etc.

I’m not trying to market anything to you, Timberwolves fans.


No, no.

I’m simply doing this: I am going to demystify the process behind covering the Timberwolves, or any sporting team for that matter, and show you how to approach it from your point of view.

It’s time to show you how to be yourself online and have fun talking/blogging Timberwolves.

So I’m serious when I say this: I’m here to lay everything out for you. I will share my experiences, my techniques and my strategies on how to have fun covering the Timberwolves in a section called ‘Manifesto.’

For some of you, it might feel redundant. For some of you, it’s brand new.

Regardless, I’m going to lay everything out for you so you can decide. My posts will be in the public domain for all Timberwolves fans.

Right now, I haven’t decided on how many blog posts I will write—maybe 50?…I don’t know yet—but I will write a lot, which is the point.

I will show you everything I know on how to cover the Timberwolves.


Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

Follow us on Twitter @howlintwolf & @Twolvesblog.

Last but not least, check out the latest Timberwolves news:

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