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Pacers Made a Movie About Lance Stephenson

Lance Stephenson had an animated 2013-14 season. He hit some clutch shots, sat in on opposing teams’ huddles and even blew in LeBron James’ ear.

And the Pacers reportedly want him back for next season. So they produced a movie about him, which will be shown when the free agent market opens (in less than four hours) at midnight.

Stephenson is one of the top shooting guards on the market, and the Pacers are attempting to be proactive in their attempt to retain him. And it’s a pretty cool idea. It’s a creative, thoughtful way to show how much he means to the future of their franchise.

So James was featured in The Decision, and Stephenson gets Lance Stephenson: The Movie, or something to that extent. Either way, props to the Pacers for trying something new. We hope this video is leaked online for public consumption in the future.

Matt Birch

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