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Escape Is Never The Safest Path

What the fuck, I’ll try a Pearl Jam reference. It’s from “Dissident,” for those keeping track at home. So there are rumors abound about Mike Williams needing back surgery and missing the entire year. Adam Schefter jumped on that one, while Ian Rappaport is saying that he’s improving after an epidural and that surgery is not happening. I’m just assuming that he’s not going to play. It has nothing to do with Charger injury mojo or a San Diego curse. It’s just easier to think like that. Plus, this kid has never played so how can I get upset about missing something I’ve never experienced?
What’s more concerning is that we suffered through McCoy for another year and got the #7 pick only to draft a kid who was allegedly hiding his injury from prospective employers. Did Telesco know about the back and didn’t The Organization take a closer look before signing him after the draft? I know Allen, Inman, Williams can all play but can those guys stay healthy?
My buddy Dave was recently in San Diego and sent me these pics. The first is his son Josh. With that expression it’s as if he already knows what it is to be a Chargers fan. The grill gear looks pretty sweet. My Monday Night Football bottle opener finally ran out of batteries. What’s worse, according to this link is that they no longer make it. If you look at the package, I think it has a fucking Bronco on it. I bought that thing on my first trip to San Diego in 1996, to see the Monday Nighter against Detroit. I’ve had it long enough to see Hank Williams get fired from that gig, watch his fucking Steelers win two Super Bowls, and see him now get rehired.
I have no idea what anyone in California would do with that scarf. I still maintain we should change our name to the “Inglewood, Always Up To No Good Chargers.” But I’m sure Ice Cube would freak out about it. I do like what I hear from Anthony Lynn still. It’s nice that Melvin Gordon is singing his praises, but Gordon needs to hold on to the ball and stay off the IR list. I am still holding out hope that Lambo will lose his job to Koo during the summer. It’s reason enough to watch the preseason, right? Plus, with our injury history half of these guys will be playing by the midway mark. Speaking of Ice Cube, by the way, I did enjoy this meme I found on Facebook:
I know Carr is actually a nice kid, but it’s never NOT time to talk shit about the Raiders. We’ve been so bad for so long that maybe we’ve lost sight of that. I’m sure we’ll know the extent of this Williams situation soon enough. When we do, we’ll talk. My dad started a new treatment and seems to be feeling better so there’s reason to feel good in real life.
Having tasted,… A life wasted,…
I’m never going back again.