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What Makes A Sunday Different Than Monday

So there I am enjoying an excellent night of music when I look down to see that another Charger has gotten injured. What is most frustrating is that every guy who has gotten hurt has gotten hurt before besides the rookies that are already hurt. Are you following me? I’m not even sure that I am at this point. The first team offense flew down the field, but they have usually done that in preseason. I can remember many “Philip Rivers’ night is done” comments from various summer broadcast teams. I ended up watching a combination of the Chargers and Seahawks telecasts. The Bolts were the first half of the NFL Network broadcast but I also saw part of a stream with Curt Menefee and Brock Huard from the first half. Both crews said “San Diego” a ton.
The lack of fans in the stands has become a big topic of discussion since Sunday. If the Chargers had looked better I bet no one would be talking about it and there would be more people for the next game. I read on Facebook that the Chargers’ broadcast with Spero Dedes and Dan Fouts served as one big informerical for the “Fight For LA” campaign. I can’t say that I disagree but if I am going to stay a Bolthead, which I am, I’d rather have Fouts and Tomlinson there. I also have had the pleasure to speak with Spero Dedes when he was the announcer for the Knicks and he seems like a very cool guy. I don’t think he’s some paid shill for Dean Spanos. Dedes said on 1090 that he’d be pissed if he was a San Diegan too. Fouts has said stronger words about it. I don’t see them (or LT) as sellouts, but have also lived in New York all my life. At least I did learn that Fouts likes his margaritas on the rocks without salt after Alex Flanagan described all the amenities contained within the “StubHub Experience.” I’m not sure what her role with the Chargers is. As far as I can tell, she still works for NFL Network but had the Charger polo shirt on.
Melvin Gordon definitely looked more nimble, which was good to see. I don’t think Lambo kicking a 50 plus-yarder at the end of the half means shit when you know he’ll miss a 20-yarder when it counts.longsnap_tp
The depth issue was pretty glaring. Is John Schneider that much better than Tom Telesco at drafting? I know Tom Wopat just got arrested. Seriously, with the Chargers’ injury history you know half these guys are going to have to play. If you don’t have a Toomer jersey yet you better get one. However, it was pretty obvious that our bench blows. I saw Bosa grab his elbow, but I guess he’s OK. I saw Liuget jogging to catch up with every play. I think he’s going to be my target for anger on defense the way Barksdale is on offense.
I guess Oliver wanted to avoid the Sproles comparisons by switching to Weddle’s old number. Unfortunately, he looked like Weddle on the 4th and 29. Ryan Mathews is available I see. I’m sure he’d get hurt getting off the plane however.
Sam and I will be in Florida over the weekend for my nephew’s bar mitzvah. I’m sure I will see part of the game before I return. I may not be able to sit through 16 quarters of preseason anymore. Maybe I’m growing up, I don’t know. I rarely make political statements here in the Halls of Justice, but if you need something to get your mind of Charlottesville, there’s a great show from that very same city 9/14/82 to be downloaded here. If you need any other ’82 recommendations, feel free to ask. Talk to you soon.