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Derrick Rose discusses last season’s shooting struggles with Knicks

Last season, Derrick Rose shot a career-low 22% from beyond the arc with the Knicks. His 60 attempts were tied for the second fewest of his career (his sophomore season). To put such a low number in prospective, the 60 attempts came in 64 appearances. The only season in which he shot fewer three-pointers was the 2013-14 season (47), and the caveat there was that injuries limited him to just ten games.

What’s the reason why? Rose explains in the video below.

The point guard explains that he was “stubborn” to shoot from deep because he had a sound understanding of his respective strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, the Knicks were more committed to playing a certain way, and much less interested in catering their system to the strengths of the players they employed. New York was looking for their floor general to shoot more from deep, which limited Rose’s ability to work his way inside and capitalize on higher-percentage looks as often as he would have liked.

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