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Knicks Announce Carmelo Anthony Trade, Front Office Talks About Resolution

The Knicks have formally announced the Carmelo Anthony trade, sending him to the Thunder in exchange for Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott, and the Bulls’ 2018 second round pick.

“This is a deal we feel works for both this franchise and Carmelo. We thank him for his seven seasons in a Knicks uniform and all that he accomplished off the court for the City of New York by using his platform to address social issues,” President Steve Mills said. “We will continue to focus on this team looking forward towards the immediate and long-term future. As we have said recently, this is a new beginning for the New York Knicks.”

The end of this era certainly sparks a new beginning for New York. It was time for both sides to move on. While Anthony’s on-the-court accomplishments as a Knick left much to be desired (especially as his tenure came to a close), there’s always been more to him as a player and as a man. As one of the most polarizing figures in all of the NBA, he’s used his platform for good in an increased effort to raise awareness around many issues as a social activist. It’s nice to see the Knicks acknowledge that part of who he is and what he aimed to do as a Knick.

As the organization embraces a fresh start for what’s to come, General Manager Scott Perry said that both Kanter and McDermott (while not flashy acquisitions) fit the mold for what the Knicks look to continue establishing moving forward.

“We acquired two 25-year-old players in this deal that we can develop, while sticking with our overall strategy of emphasizing youth and athleticism. With this trade, we have added scoring and aggressiveness to our frontcourt, and bolstered the team’s perimeter shooting,” the executive said. “We are glad to have finalized a trade that made sense for all of us.”

And just like that, there’s renewed hope and a brighter outlook on the future. Even if patience will need to be exercised, the potential of all these promising young pieces should give fans some excitement and something to look forward to.

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