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Knicks Announce Tim Hardaway Jr. Will Wear Number Three

During his first stint with the Knicks, Tim Hardaway Jr. wore number five. Since New York has retired number ten in honor of Walt Frazier, the young gun chose number five because it was half of ten, the number worn by his father with the Miami Heat. Upon joining the Hawks, the Michigan product was able to wear his father’s number.

Now that he’s back in New York, Hardaway Jr. is changing it up even further. Heavily associated with John Starks, number three is known to come with an expectation of heart, hustle, grit, high energy, clutch performances, and physical defense. In recent years, such a trend has been carried out by players like Stephon Marbury, Kenyon Martin, and Brandon Jennings, among others.

There’s pressure that comes with wearing this number. Any Knick who dons it should do so with pride. Obviously hungry to show improvement and help his team build toward a promising future and eventually ascend to the next level, Hardaway Jr. appears up to the challenge.

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