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Report: Knicks to guarantee Jarrett Jack’s contract for rest of season

After emerging as the Knicks’ starting point guard in the fourth game of the season, veteran Jarrett Jack has steadied this squad to a .500 record thereafter. 

With the new year has come an all too familiar January slump for the Knicks and there looks to be trouble in paradise. Nevertheless, no one should deny that Jack has elevated those around him. His leadership has made an impact and his high basketball IQ and general enthusiasm on the court has made his teammates better. He’s a knowledgeable player who knows where and how to find guys in different spots on the court to help them catch hot and find offensive rhythms. He’s the perfect player to start off contests, balance this team’s youth, and mentor a promising Frank Ntilikina in the meantime.

The floor general has averaged 7.2 points and 5.9 assists for a Knickerbocker squad that initially exceeded expectations this season.

Given all that Jack has contributed to the team this season, it may be easy to forget that the 34 year old has been playing on a non-guaranteed contract this whole time. He made the squad as a sixteenth man, an exception slot allocated by Joakim Noah’s early season suspension.

It’s safe to say that Jack has more than earned his place on the Knicks, and now the team is reportedly making things official. According to Michael Scotto, New York will fully guarantee Jack’s contract for the rest of the season.

By not waiving Jack this week, the Knicks are opting to retain his services, and rightfully so.

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