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Kyrie Irving shows off bed bugs bite that sidelined him vs. Thunder

Here’s a new one—Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving only put in nine minutes of work against the Oklahoma City Thunder Sunday thanks to an illness.

An illness caused by bed bugs.

The Cavaliers took care of business on the road with Irving playing those nine minutes and scoring two points, 115-92. But it’s not often fans hear about such an odd development of off-court scenarios resulting in sickness.

Irving himself spoke with ESPN’s Dave McMenamin about the issues, which even includes a dash of a haunted hotel:

Odd, right?

McMenamin followed with a feature story on the issue, which even details Irving showing off a bite from one of the bugs:

“As you can see, I got it at the top of my head,” Irving continued, while lifting up his baseball cap to show a bite mark on his forehead. “It’s just like bed bugs and I didn’t get any sleep. We came into the game, then I was freaked out, then I started feeling nauseous, so it was just a whole bunch of B.S., honestly.”

Irving continued: “I got three hours [of sleep]. Just imagine how freaked out you’d be if you saw friggin’ five, big-ass bed bugs just sitting on your pillow. I woke up itching, and I’m just looking around, and I’m like, ‘Are you serious right now?’ It was 3 a.m., and I was so tired at that point. It was, whatever.”

The hotel certainly has some PR work to do. In fact, in McMenamin’s writeup a spokesperson from the hotel confirms the case and that specialists entered the building Monday morning and took care of the issue. But as the report goes on to note, this is far from the first issue this particular hotel has had with NBA clientele, with some from the Chicago Bulls such as Derrick Rose calling it haunted, causing the team to no longer visit it when traveling to Oklahoma City.

Irving returned to action Monday in a 96-88 loss to the Detroit Pistons, playing 38 minutes and scoring 30 points, including eye-popping plays such as this:

In other words, there doesn’t seem to be any long-term issues for Irving.

Regardless, it makes for one heck of an interesting story. Rest assured Irving will have the incident on his mind the next time the Cavaliers hit the road.

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