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LeBron James shoves Stephen Curry

After what happened in the NBA Finals last season, matchups between the Cavaliers and Warriors now have more of a rivalry feel to them. There’s a lot of respect among players, but there are also some chippy moments during games as well.

The two teams squared off on Monday night, and unfortunately for the Cavs, J.R. Smith didn’t get to finish the game, as he was ejected for leveling Harrison Barnes trying to run through a screen early in the second half.

And that wasn’t all that happened in the game, as LeBron James and Stephen Curry got tangled up at one point before that in the NBA Finals rematch.

James set a screen on Curry, and the reigning MVP tried to push his way through the six-foot-eight forward. LeBron then responded with a shove of his own, which sent Curry sprawling to the floor.

While the push from James was clearly intentional, it sure looked like Curry tried to embellish the contact a bit in an attempt to draw a foul. He went down fairly easily.

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