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LeBron James unfollows Cavs on Twitter and Instagram, remains silent about it

LeBron James is just toying with the media and fans right now.

He’s no stranger to cryptic exchanges and messages on social media, as we’ve seen in the past regarding his comments about Kevin Love and the state of the team, and Monday was just more of the same.

James unfollowed the Cavaliers’ official Twitter and Instagram accounts on Monday, yet for some reason, acted like it was no big deal.

The reality is that it is and it isn’t.

The Cavaliers cut James’ checks, so to unfollow their social media accounts is essentially a way to renounce or oppose them. It’s certainly not an endorsement. At the same time, it’s not like he actually said anything about the Cavs, so it’s not a huge deal.

James was asked about it by the media on Monday, and the response he gave was what you might expect:

“Next question,” he said. And that was the end of that.

Is there anyone in the NBA that loves making headlines and having the spotlight on him more than James? I don’t think so. The playoffs are set to begin in roughly three weeks, so maybe James’ focus should be on that, rather than who he’s following on social media.

Joe Vardon of reported that this was part of James’ plan to prepare for the playoffs, which makes a bit of sense, but he could’ve just taken a vacation from social media altogether, which is what a lot of athletes do to clamp down and focus. Instead, he had to be cryptic and mysterious about the whole thing, rather than just addressing it and silencing all doubt.

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