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Touchdowns and Tangents Podcast: NFL Offseason Flops, Money Moves, Hip Hop and More

Kenneth and Pete talk about the biggest underachievers and money makers of the NFL in the 51st episode of the Touchdowns and Tangents Podcast (Kenny thinks it’s trash).

There’s a serious conversation about sexual misconduct in the media. How do we deal with it as men? Added, misogyny and lockerroom culture is exposed.

The Touchdowns and Tangents podcast goes onto a brief side conversation about the 2017 Hip Hop releases. Things get heavy again when there is a talk about CTE, the popularity of the NFL and injuries.

Oh yeah, more Gronk and Eli Manning takes this week too.

This podcast is always live and topical. The Touchdowns and Tangents podcast has an archive that does not lie and it will never die.