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Back in the Saddle

Sorry I have not given any advice lately. I was actually in Mexico trying to find a job. I figured, heck, they’re all here so there must be some great jobs in Mexico. After many interviews and lots of tequila, I realized my home was back in the USA. I know that if we kick them out Cinco de Mayo will carry on. You must stop to think about the meaning of the day. I believe the government is going to implement a law that states, “any US citizen may rent a Mexican for a 24hour period on Cinco de Mayo.” They will transport them back for that single day so we don’t have to make our own margaritas and tacos. It will be a great day. If you read the fine print, you can also have them do construction for four hours of that time allotment. So if you need an apartment complex built or would like to have a tasty margarita,(or both) I say vote YES!!!!!!