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June 28th is Carolina Day or at least it should be…

I saw this article in the Greenville News today. It is discussing the creation of a “Carolina Day” by Walter Edgar, the man who wrote that big thick blue book on SC History. (Which everyone should at least skim through…great book) Read the article if you like but the jist of it is that it is promoting the creation of “Carolina Day” on June 28th. Why that day, well….here are the high points from the article.

“On June 28, 1776, South Carolina military forces triumphed over both the Royal Navy and the British Army at the Battle of Sullivan’s Island. This signal event was acknowledged by the Continental Congress with a silver medal, and the symbols associated with that glorious victory are present in our state seal and on our state flag. “

“For many years after the battle, South Carolinians observed Palmetto Day on June 28. It was their special holiday. It was a tribute to the patriots of 1776 who fought and died for American and South Carolina freedom. “

“Each year, in Charleston, York and a few other places, concerned Carolinians observe “Carolina Day” on June 28. However, the observation is not statewide — as it once was and as it should be again. Isn’t it time that we as a state reclaimed our rightful place in history? Cannot we let the rest of the country know that there’s more to the American Revolution than the skirmishes in Massachusetts? “

I say let’s make this a state holiday….